Mapungubwe: Safari on the Run 2018

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It couldn't be put more succinctly than from Wildrunner themselves: "3 Days, 3 African Countries, 92km... and countless moments that will live on in the hearts of participants and crew alike..."

"...Time spent exploring on foot, taking in the culture, history and ecological beauty of the three remarkably different routes. Sunset gins up on the "koppie", locally grown food cooked on open fires, hippo calls at night. We may shake the mighty Limpopo River sand from our shoes, eventually, but we will never shake these memories. Images by Mark Sampson"

I had the privileged once again to be assist in the catering department with an incredible team of local women, be part of the safari-on-foot among the baobabs and wildlife, and give much needed yoga-pilates-stretch sessions to participants at the end of each day's run. 

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