Listen Patiently | Move Freely | Live Authentically

TUNING IN offers an array of body and mind practices to help you tune in to your own rhythm, allowing a healthy lifestyle to unfold through patience and authenticity, and thereby creating a sustainable and creative person... the person you were born to be!

As a way of life, movement is key to heath and healing. Whether it's external movement or internal movement, our bodyminds are continually aiming for homeostasis ... balance. However, stress and stagnation occur when we are not tuning in to ourselves.

Life can be busy and hectic. It is therefore important to take a breather - to slow down and tune in. Here are some ways in which this is possible, maybe they resonate with you, maybe they don't. Never be afraid to try, you never know what you might find!


Offerings include Wellness Retreats, Active Outdoor Holiday Experiences, Workshops, Courses, Teacher Trainings and Mentorship Programmes.


LITTLE STUDIO is a boutique exercise studio located in Stellenbosch. It offers quality Pilates, Yoga and Dance classes to small groups of no more than five people as well as private classes. The expert team of instructors guide classes by giving extra attention to each individuals needs. Dedicated professionals with years of training, continuing education and teaching are proud to create a quality experience for each person.


Offers include Pilates, Yoga and Dance classes, as well as Mentorship Programmes, Teacher Training Courses, Workshops and Corporate Packages.