About Me


Fran Siebrits

  • Tuning In - Founder, Facilitator & Movement Specialist
  • Self Sustainability Entrepreneur - Learning Architect
  • SOMA (Space of Moving Art) - Allowing for Creative Flow in Working, Living, & Being
  • Yoga Teacher & Teacher Trainer (Ananda Sanga Educational Institute; Yoga Vidya Gurukul)
  • Pilates Instructor & Mentor (BASI Pilates, Conscious Movement Education)
  • Budokon Instructor (Budokon University)
  • MYYO Technique Therapist (MYYO Association)
  • Mindfulness & Meditation - Practitioner & Facilitator
  • NIA Dancer (White Belt)
  • Trail Runner - Mover & Mentor
  • Nature Lover
Fran has trained in different body and mind techniques to better understand our human ways. She has a strong connection to nature, where she "tops up her energy tank" - when she is not formerly practicing, teaching movement, facilitating transformation, or working on creative projects she can be found frolicking somewhere in the mountains.
Photo credit: Barbara Cole Photography

Qualifications, Trainings, Work

  • Nature Conservation National Diploma 
  • Journalism National Diploma
  • Online Marketing 
  • Mindfulness Facilitation Certificate (Mindfulness Africa)
  • Pilates Mat Certificate (BASI)
  • Advanced Pilates Equipment Certificate (CME / Renee Watson)
  • 200Hr Yoga Teacher Training Certificate (Ananda Sanga Educational Institute)
  • 500Hr Advanced Yoga Teacher Training Certificate (Yoga Vidya Gurukul ashram, India)
  • Pre- and Post-Natal Yoga Certificate 
  • Budokon Certificate (Mixed Martial Arts and Yoga movement forms) 
  • Aerology Certifiacte (aerial fabric fitness and mind conditioning)
  • MYYO Technique Certificate (trigger point release & yogic stretches) 
  • DORN Method & Breuss Massage (spinal column and joint alignment
  • Thai Yoga Massage Certificate 
  • NIA Dancing White Belt Certificate
  • Training Principles & Programme Design for Endurance Running Certificate (Sports Science Institute of South Africa)
  • Thai Chi training
  • Myofascial release practitioner
  • Meditation practitioner
  • Breath-work practitioner
  • Outdoor education facilitator
  • Nature immersion facilitator
  • Retreat facilitator
  • Lucid Dreaming and the Mindfulness of Sleep training and practitioner
  • Ceremonial cacao training
Simply put, Fran loves to move. She finds purpose and fulfillment assisting others in finding movement that works for their unique bodymind to bring health and healing. She believes each person is unique in their journeying and process, and what applies to one may not be relevant to another. She tries to keep things simple and light, recognising life as a gift and being grateful for what has been presented. Through movement we find healing. 

Facilitating others...

"The past few years of my life have been dedicated to acquiring the skills, confidence and wisdom to offer certain practices for a holistic and healthy approach to life. My journey has come with its fair share of highs and lows, but overall it has been pretty awesome. My most important lesson along the way has been this: life is so much worse when I am not being authentic with myself, when I am not tuning in to myself and to the environment around me.

I have trained in different body and mind techniques to better understand our human ways. I find healing through movement - the more gross obvious forms of body movement and then also the more subtle internal shifts and changes. These external and internal movements have become my life's teachings. Sometimes I just want to run to increase my heart rate and sweat; sometimes I want to focus on precise movement conditioning, sometimes I feel the need to stretch for long periods of time; and sometimes I just want to sit on the beach and feel the internal rhythm of my breath.

I find purpose in discovering first hand what it means to transform and grow. And I find purpose in assisting others in their own development. My motivation for all this is that I believe we can only authentically care for others and the world around when we are caring for ourselves first... this is sustainability at its root. 

I can only offer you what I know, from a place of authenticity and honesty. It's really up to you to tune in - I can facilitate in this process and guide you along your own way. Contact me for a chat, and let's tune in together."

Photo credit: Barbara Cole Photography

My Pledge

I practice the Art of Creative Living: My path of truth is initiated and practiced through creativity... allowing me to be a creatively rounded full-time human being, with all "the good, the bad and the ugly". Creativity is my true nature, and it is yours too! Julia Cameron, author of The Artist's Way, explains that just as blood is part of the physical body (and nothing we invented), creativity is part of the spiritual body; nothing to invent, it's already there. My main work in practicing the Art of Creative Living is to get out of my own way so that creativity can work through me. My life is my work of art. When I tune in to this, I tune in to my true nature, my creative energy. SOMA is my name - Space of Moving Art. And I intend to do my work by allowing for creative flow in everything that I do, so that I can assist and facilitate others in this transformation of creative life energy and flow.